Payne Field

Payne field is located in Spring Township.


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From I-80 and areas North, East, and West

  1. From I-80, take the Bellefonte (Route 26/I-99) exit South. Travel 3 miles.
  2. Take the Bellefonte (Route 550) exit.
  3. Make a left on to Route 550. Travel 1 mile.
  4. Make a right onto Lutz Lane (“Home Delivery Pizza” is on the corner.”)
  5. Make left on to Airport Road. Travel 3 miles.
  6. Make a right onto Weaver Hill Road. Travel 20 yards.
  7. Payne Field is on the left.

From State College and areas South

  1. From State College, take I-99 North.
  2. Take the Harrison Road exit.
  3. Make a left on to Harrison Road. Travel 0.5 miles.
  4. Make right on to Weaver Hill Road. Travel 2 miles.
  5. Payne Field is on the right.

Field Layout